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My Story

My name is Scott, an Amateur Photographer from South-West Michigan. I was born in 1994 in Michigan. Though my childhood brought me up as a Michigan boy, I also had a little Southern  and Alaskan living sprinkled into the mix. I grew up working on a local Golf Course and can remember the countless times I would take "union break" at the course to take pictures of the beauty of scene. As I grew into young adulthood so did my yearning to serve my country. At the age of 21, I joined the United States Army as a Paratrooper traveling Europe for both business and pleasure. I later would get the opportunity to travel the Middle East a little bit as well. Through all my travels I have documented my adventures through videos and pictures. Nowadays I am back home in Michigan again with nothing left of my travels but the photos and memories they inspire. God has blessed me with an amazing life and surrounded me with amazing people. I am so thankful to have been able to capture my memories over the years through videography and photography. Now my mission is to not just take pictures, but to make and capture memories and hopefully build relationships in the process.

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The People Who Inspired My Photography Journey


Wildlife Photographer


Wildlife Photographer

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Professional Photographer/Youtuber

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